Chapter 3. Configuring eDMS (Low level: System administrator ONLY)

Table of Contents

Site title
Audit trail
Session Time Out
Electronic Signature
Security policies
Username minimum length
Password minimum length
Number of digits in passwords
Password minimum non-numeric characters
Password history
Password expiry
Locking accounts
Mailing parameters
Activating email alerts
eMail Alerts From
eMail Signature
Search engine
What does the search box
Activating document content
Recognized types of files by search engine
Working directory
Word Documents
PDF Documents
Search engine process
Request full indexation
Version numbering
Customizing how versions numbers will be displayed
External references
Pointing eDMS documents from outside system

eDMS is configurable through the file conf/edms.php

Site title

You can update the title of eDMS (by default the value is EFFICIENT DOCUMENTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR REGULATED INDUSTRIES) by updating the variable $site_title.

Note: if you want to update also the Home logo (Archie's head logo) and put your company logo, you can replace the pics/home.gif file. Replace it with a logo having same canevas size.