External references

Pointing eDMS documents from outside system

If you require to refer an eDMS stored document from outside (e.g. from an excel spreadsheet), you can do it through URL reference. You can use the foolowing references as standard:

  • extref.php?detaildocid=00000000000000000148 : retrieve per detail docid
  • extref.php?masterdocid=00000000000000000148 : retrieve per master docid
  • extref.php?versionname=testdoc%20[v24] : retrieve per version name (note that your must replace spaces by %20 in URL)
  • extref.php?name=testdoc : retrieve per document name
  • extref.php?name=testdoc&version=24 : retrieve per document name and version

Accessing eDMS documents from outside can be dangerous in term of security. Therefore some configuration options are available.

  • $DMSanonymousineveryone=false; -- this means you will not be prompted to login is requested document is accessible to everyone
  • $DMSanonymousbypasssecurity=false; -- this means that referenced documents will never prompt for login

If you create a user called ANONYMOUS in eDMS, you can refine security to requested documents by affecting this user to some groups of your choice.