The eDMS interface

The eDMS interface contains different areas. Some of them are always on screen while others are partially displayed depending of the context. The areas are:

The top area

This area is itself divided in different parts. Beginning at the top, a menu is available to the user. Based on the user profile, more or less items are provided to the current user. Some menu items like 'Settings', 'Training records' and 'Help' are provided to everyone. First name and last name of the current user who is logged in the eDMS are displayed at the left of this area. You can also have access to this online search by filling the search field and then clicking on the arrow located at the top right of the screen. In order to leave this application, please close the browser window. As the overall application is based on documents storage, this top area provides you always your current location in the folder tree. Each folder of this path is clickable to easily select a parent folder. If you want to go back to the root of the tree, you can also just click on the eDMS logo (the head of 'Archie' at left of the screen). Finally, the message area located at the center is also a subpart of this top area. Some general notes but also important information will be displayed in this area.

The tree area

Documents in eDMS are stored into folders. Folders are stored into the tree. Folders can be seen bu the end users as a directory of a shared file system. To navigate the structure of all documents locations, a tree is dynamiquely generated containing all folders created on the system. To display documents stored into a folder, select the folder (by clicking on the folder's name). The tree area will automatically update itself to contain the subfolders of the currently selected folder. The content of the current folder is displayed in the data area. The folders are classified by folder types, which can be seen as a folder attribute. Administrators can manage the folder types through the top menu items.

Anyone who has 'write' permission on the current folder can create new entries in this folder: documents and sub folders.

Folder actions are displayed at the bottom of the tree area. The availability of these actions depend of your privileges on the currently selected folder. Possible actions: Folder properties, Folder alerts, Create new folder, Delete this folder and View deleted documents.

The data area

This is your working area. All data regarding the application's flow and the selections you make are displayed into this area. This area may provide you a contextual menu. e.g. a Cancel menu item is most of time displayed (to cancel the current option). Inside eDMS, any 'submit', 'save' , 'proceed', 'go', 'ok' are displayed as a button labeled '>>' at the bottom of the data area.