Chapter 6. Security concepts

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User account
User profile

To better understand the other chapters, it's important to know how the system security has been built.

User account

Each user must have a user account. A user account is composed by a username and a password. It's really important to consider the risks of using the electronic signature functionalities through user accounts and employees association. If you plan to activate the electronic signature option, ensure you have put in place the required procedures in your company quality system. One of those procedures must specify that every employee agree that his/her user account has handwritten legal value. This approval must be handwritten signed by every employee using your system. Policies procedures have to be defined also. Refer you to your company quality manual or your QA Department for more information. Only the system Administrator can manage the user accounts.

For security reasons, password policies can be defined by the Administrator. The current configured policies are displayed in the Settings menu item. Refer the install manual for policies configuration.