The system security is based on groups. Groups can contain sub groups, and/or user accounts. Groups can be nested as much as you want. The overall security foundation will always check the membership of the groups. We mean by sample that if a group A contains a group B, and that the user account 'X' belongs to the group B, then this user account X belongs also to the group A. Only the system Administrator can manage the groups.

Groups are used at different levels:

The system do not care about the group category each group aims to be. But while implementing the eDMS in your company, consider to use a naming convention for your groups names to easily identify them (e.g. prefix group names by category, such TR for training, RL for role, or PRJ for project based groups).

Since eDMS version 2.0.3, you can define or or more manager per group, using the manager checkbox while adding group members. Manager functionality is used to provide consulting access to the reporting employees training records of managers.