Chapter 7. Before using eDMS

Table of Contents

Folder types
Meta Data
Document types

Some pre-requisites data must be configured in order to use eDMS. We will pass through these options sequentially to describe you the goal and how to manage these data. Groups and users will not be covered in this Chapter. Check the Security concept for more information.

Folder types

When creating folder, you will have to assign a folder type to the new folder you want to create. So, your system Administrator has to create beforehand the list of folder types for your installation. This list can updated at any moment.

A folder type is an ATTRIBUTE assigned to a folder to better identifying/classfying your folder. The folders displayed in the tree area of the User Interface are listed under each folder type they belong to. You can define the sequence order of your folder types listed in the tree area through the Sequence field of the folder type.