Chapter 8. Document flow

Table of Contents

Document Life Cycle Overview
List of documents in a folder
User access on documents

Document Life Cycle Overview

The information below briefly describes the largest lifecycle of a document pushed into the eDMS system. Some steps in a document life cycle will be optional depending of the document attributes, such the document type defining most of workflow parameters.

  • Create a new document: you will have to identify first the document type you want to create, and depending the selected document type configuration, more or less data will be required to proceed further with the document creation. This creation process will uniquely identify the document name in the system, like a name reservation.
  • Update the document till the content is all right: you have the possibility to update the document data, such attributes and/or the document content. The system will record the versions of your work in the audit trail (if audit trail is activated)
  • Submit the document: the document is queued in the workflow
  • Approvals: every approval step defined in the document types are generated (authors, reviewers, rolegroups), and the document has to pass through every step. When fully approved, document is issued (and gets the issue date).
  • Pending: even if the document is approved, it will have to wait the effective date before being visible to the user community
  • Expired: After the expiry date, document is set as expired.
  • Checkout / Checkin a new document version: use these options when a new version of an existing document must be created.