Chapter 9. Employee Training records management

Table of Contents

The employee training record
Automatic generation of training records

eDMS helps you to maintain employee training records based on managed documents (for each document version).

The employee training record

These records contain the following fields

  • Employee user account
  • The document version concerned
  • Flag indicating if the employee is trained successfully (decision can be taken based on a test)
  • The training date
  • Teacher user account
  • Location of the training

These training records are generated automatically by the system, and can be created manually by the training manager. Each employee can view (read-only) his/her own training records only, and also training records of employees reporting to the current user. Administrator and Training manager profiles can manage any training training record.

The link between a document version and the training records is the 'Training group' attribute of the document (defined in the document type). Assigning a training group to a document means that all persons of this group must be trained in order to use the document correctly. eDMS do not revoke the right to access to a document if the person is not trained accordingly. eDMS helps to organize trainings for these persons and to ensure all required employees are trained when a new document version is released. This is a tracking tool.