Chapter 12. Remote Store Point Configuration

Table of Contents

What is a remote store point?
Configuring a Remote Store Point (actions on eDMS machine)
Configuring a Remote Store Point (actions on remote store point server machine)
Migrating a local store point to a remote location

What is a remote store point?

eDMS makes use of you RDBMS (e.g. mysql) to store documents data, but not the document contents. The contents are stored outside of the RDBMS, in a Store Point, using Store Point Manager. These file contents are crypted, compressed, and stored under a store database instance, residing as a bunch of files in a directory tree. In the objective to centralize your data on a remote server (e.g. on the same server than your RDBMS), you can configure eDMS to make use of a remote store point, meaning that your file contents will be stored on another machine. This feature is available since eDMS 2.0.3. By default, your store point will be located in a local directory that you define at the eDMS installation.