Configuring a Remote Store Point (actions on eDMS machine)

On the eDMS machine, edit DMS/conf/spmclientconfig.php. You need to update to variables: $spm_defaultserver_url and $spm_passphrase.

$spm_defaultserver_url is empty ($spm_defaultserver_url='';), this means your store point is local (on your eDMS machine), and that it will be located through the variable $spmroot of DMS/localspm/spmserver.php. You can update this $spm_defaultserver_url variable and set the correct URL of your remote machine (which in most of case will be as well your RDBMS server). e.g. $spm_defaultserver_url='http://YOURRDBMSSERVER/DMS/localspm/spmservice.php';

$spm_passphrase is a secret string that eDMS will use to initiate communication with your remote store point server. It's basically made to avoid anyone else to query or push document contents in your store point instance. Choose a complicated string.