Configuring a Remote Store Point (actions on remote store point server machine)

Basically, install Apache/PHP same prerequisite versions than eDMS on this machine.

Create a DMS directory in your http document root, like for eDMS machine, and copy from your eDMS machine the following directory: localspm

edit DMS/localspm/spmservice.php and set the variable $spm_passphrase to the same secret string you choosed and define on your eDMS machine in DMS/conf/spmclientconfig.php. edit DMS/localspm/spmserver.php and set the variable $spmroot to the directory under which you want to physically store your documents content and ensure this directory exist, and that Apache has write permission on it.

On eDMS machine, you can edit DMS/localspm/spmclient_sample.php and update this file according to your settings. Give a hit on this file through an http call with a browser, it should display you back the file you have defined in it using $filename. Do not continue till this sample don't show you back the file content. This sample pushes the selected file in the remote store point you defined in it ($spmrc->spm_url) and request it back from the remote server, as an operational test.