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   Tuesday 22 May 2018 


 eDMS is a free Open Source product, since 1999.
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eDMS 2.0.4 Portuguese translation available - Monday 12 Jun 2006

The Brazilian Portuguese translation is available for download.
We want to thank Edson for this work.
You can send us your translation packs to translate@no-sod.org.


~ The NO-SOD Team


eDMS 2.0.4 Released - Thursday 29 Dec 2005

This version contains new features like documents content indexation for full text search.
You can also refer eDMS documents from outside eDMS through reference URL
New bug fixes have been included as well.
It will be the last release for 2005. We wish you an happy 2006.


~ The NO-SOD Team


eDMS 2.0.3 Fix 1 - Saturday 24 Dec 2005

A missing SQL statement in the install script causes unability to create meta data.
You can download the solution exposed as eDMS 2.0.3 Fix 1 in the korigan fixes of the download section.
And..... Happy Christmas to everyone !


~ The NO-SOD Team


eDMS 2.0.3 Released - Thursday 08 Dec 2005

This new version includes some reports about your documents system, with current revisions and effective date.
Store Point Manager can be configured as stand alone layer for documents storage (e.g. it can be installed on your separated RDBMS server so that all your data resides on a single machine).
Please continue to return us your feedback so that we can improve the system.


~ The NO-SOD Team


Small script to export data from previous version of eDMS (1.0.4) - Monday 28 Nov 2005

We made available this small script if you want to export data from eDMS 1.0.4
This tool (trueexport.php) extract stored files and regenerates them on file server (with subdirectories as created).
Coming version of DMS will include an import from file system function. This will provide facilities to import a complete directory and subdirectories from your file system, and therefore import files exported from version 1.0.4


~ The NO-SOD Team