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What is The NO-SOD Project ?

The NO-SOD Project represents a Framework and a set of Web applications (modules) that are completely FREE of use !!! What you need is just a computer (running on any operating system) with a network connection and a browser that supports a minimum of 1024x768 with 65000 colors resolution.

The features of all the NO-SOD applications include :

  • Graphic intensive interface
  • Impressive access times due to integration of new web technologies
  • Multisessions on the same or on different(s) computer(s)
  • Security enforced
  • Same features, performance and reliability than many of other commercial products
  • ....

A brief history of The NO-SOD Project

The NO-SOD Project was founded in November 1999 by two Belgian guys: Philippe Bresoux and Stéphane Van de Putte. Their principal goal was to produce and offer to worldwide users professionnal web based applications that may be used for any purpose and without any charge of use.

Why Open Source Development ?

The Project just follows one of the most fundamental goals of Free Software. All of the NO-SOD developpers have a significant investment in the project and would certainly not mind financial compensations, but we believe that our first objective is to provide code to any and all comers, so that the code gets the widest possible use and provides the widest possible benefit.

Support the NO-SOD Project

You can support the NO-SOD Project with work (programming, designing, documenting, proof-reading, translating, etc.) and financial or hardware donations. Please contact if you are interested.

How to contact the NO-SOD Team ?

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