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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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New Framework release announced

(Thu, 14 February 2002)

NEW framework release anounced soon...
'When the Dragon is crying, the fire is just around the corner'.
  The development team has committed to provide strong efforts on every tear, to finally provide the free downloadable dragon.

As first objective, we would like make it known... and as result getting new free community developers to improve the framework and develop new applications.

The NO-SOD.NET infrastructure must be available for developers support exchanges at the same time the new Framework release is available.

Well, the target date of this challenge is June 2002, and this time nothing will stop the truck! For sure any people interested to participate in the fabulous development aventure is welcome.

Finally, thank you to our sponsors and contacts for their trust, thank you to the free community, thank you to Filll / Cedsoft / Dino, thank you specially to my wife and Celia supporting me every day.


The new Framework release is intended to provide a more comprehensible code to developers, and a new complete set of functionalities.

The 1.0.1 beta version was the prior step to obtain a stable release result: it has been used to fine tune the data workflow within the transactions.

The release 2.0.1 has been called "Tod10", standing for the 10 Tears Of the Dragon. This historical name comes from the 10 strategic rules involved in the new development methodology. Here they are: Object Oriented, Pear based source code structure, SOAP XML transactions, Full Documentation, Free samples availability, Development tools, CVS repository, Live demo availability, mailing list support and GNUXI compatibility.



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