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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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Web Pigeons announcement

(Mon, 18 March 2002)

Okay, I'm sure you'll say: "My God, another new software on the market! Why should I use it instead of my current one?" The answer is easy:   The Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives you instant access to all functions. Clic on a button or select the appropriate option and get direct access to your data.

Due to the power of the world-wide standards tools and languages used to develop this application, master words are security, speed, robustness and simplicity.

For the moment, Web Pigeons is still in beta version. The first full release will be based on the new NO-SOD Framework (Tod10) and then you'll have freely access to manuals and all needed information to install and work with Web Pigeons. So please be patient and check this website for future articles...!

You have ideas to share about this future release? You're interested to sponsor this application or to put advertising on it? You would like to receive more information about this product? Don't hesitate: please send me a mail to and I'll let you know. Promise!


"This pigeons management system is completely FREE!!!"

Web Pigeons is a multi-users/multi-sessions web application that allows you to manage easily and efficiently your pigeons in a mouse clic. Fully based on Intranet/Internet technologies, Web Pigeons requires only a computer installed with any operating system, connected to the network with the browser of your choice. That's it!

Please take a look at the functionalities: complete lifecycle management of pigeons and couples, 3 levels pedigree, prices and results calculation, pre-defined reports based on mulitple criterias, real-time statistics, 5 differents address books (contacts, medicine, ...), photos integration, complete software maintenance from the end-user interface, frequently updated related websites address book, ...



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