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Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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PIX Translator (Built on GD library and PHP Kernel)

(Tue, 9 April 2002)

Did you ever think to put images into database? Yes? How can you do that…? You will say, how I created a BLOB field into my mySQL server,   When you retrieve information from the database, the source code is executed directly by the web server trough the PHP kernel engine. So, it's a kind of picture compilation. There are no quality or picture damage.

To use PIX Translator, you need a WEB server with PHP and GD module.

For more information about PIX Translator : Pix Translator Page

For more information about GD library:


and I put the image body (binary) into it? I'll will answer yes, but if you have to do it with MSSQL, can you do it? No!

Here's a complete solution to store images into databases, ALL databases! Imagine a tool which converts pictures into text files… and when you use that text files, you received a picture! It's possible with PIX Translator, and it's FREE!

PIX Translator convert GIF, JPEG and PNG file into GD source code (text). You can store that source code into a text field in every existing database server like mySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2….



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