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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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The NO-SOD distribution lists

(Tue, 7 May 2002)

Hello let me introduce myself. My name is cedsoft, I am 23 years old and I am working as programmer analyst in a software company.   NSDINFO: Register on this list if you are interested on NO-SOD technology and if you want to receive all last news.
To register: nsdinfo-

To send a message to the list:
To unsubscribe: nsdinfo-

NSDDEVELOPER: This list is used so that people developing applications based on the NO-SOD framework exchange their experiences, ideas, knowledge and problems or simply to be aware about the NO-SOD applications evolution. Interested ? Register now !
To register: nsddeveloper-

To send a message to the list:
To unsubscribe: nsddeveloper-

That's all for the moment. More information very soon (about the NO-SOD distribution lists and some other stuffs).


I joined the NO-SOD team since one year right now and today I am very happy to participate to the official launch of the new version of our framework. I believe that it is going to make big noise!

And now, the serious things: the NO-SOD distribution lists.

A distribution list consists of a group of people having a passion or common interests. People communicate simply by sending a message to the address of the list. Then the message will be sent back to members. To join a distribution list, just send a message to the robot which administers the list.

Today two distribution lists have been created for you :



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