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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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Efficient Document Management System: 1.0.1 release announced for 20th of August

(Wed, 24 July 2002)

Here comes the fundamental application highlighting the framework power.   - Document life cycle such edition, control and validation with approval/rejection mechanism
- Indexing of documents for easy retrieval (and search by key words...)
- Providing some access and change control on documents (ie. providing a structure within which permissions to view and / or alter documents can be put in place).

But that's not all... We wanted to avoid development of security tools in every modules, for costs reasons. So, we'll provide a second module called Electronic Check Point, in order to manage users, groups and releated security stuffs.

In conclusion, your package will contain the following items:

- EZE 1.0.1 (Efficient Document Management System)
- ECP 1.0.1 (Electronic Check Point signatures)
- NSD 2.0.1 (TOD 10)
- The NSD Developer Documentation

You know why you believe in us...


We couldn't begin by another module than this one, because it's using core functionalities provided in the undergroung of Tod10. So, you'll ask, is Tod10 ready to be released ? We can answer with a big YES... but what is the framework without a working free module ?

That's why we announce today the coming release of the Efficient Document Management System 1.0.1, as replacement of ITDocs, the prior giga monster running (one source file for the complete module) over the alpha version of the framework prior the 1.0.1b release.

As the framework has main capabilities to maintain source code release version, it was clear it must be a good development environment for an Electronic Document Management System.

Some functions included are:

- Version control of documents with multiple versions
- Enabling collaborative work (ie. holding documents in a common, controlled space for group users to work on together)



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