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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

Microsoft Office Documents versioning : Office 2003 solutions available at The ODA software keeps track of your document versions automatically, for only 99 euros - No server installation required !

Now that the truck is on the road...

(Thu, 10 October 2002)

   We are proud to receive your excellent feedback about Efficient Documents Management System 1.0.1 - thanks a lot !

In order to improve the installation and avoid large amount of questions that people sent us since this week (more than 1700 downloads within two days related on 1st and 2th of October), we put the get started file inside both (.zip and .gz) packages, with some exemples of fields content provided in the installation procedure.

The new files kept the same name as the previous one ( & korigan-1.0.1.gz), there is no change except an easier installation procedure. We can help you to start and live with your system: submit your questions into our help forum.

We plan to produce a white paper of the eDMS soon, but for your convenience, we prepared a summary of some features (check the product manuals for complete functionalities details):

  • Documents version control (document history retrieval).
  • Security enforced by edition screens timeouts after defined period of user non activity.
  • Audit trail (on objects and user actions) stored in a dedicated database.
  • Configurable document work flow. Regarding the document type, the document will have to pass through approval mechanism (multiple levels) before being available.
  • Documents status changes monitoring via automatic email (on waiting approval documents, rejected, etc.)
  • Documents publishing date and expiry: documents life cycle provided with start and end date.
  • Search documents keywords.
  • Quick document access with tree navigation, list paging and sorting.
  • Documents downloads and online view through browser pluggins.
  • eDMS software versioned itself, providing installation history for future releases and updates.

... ok it's a summary. Sometimes, you can be really surprised how people are using an application : one of my friends uses eDMS to store and browse his pictures collection, with also some audio files he played through the system online view (the browser pluggin played the mp3 file). Amazing!

See you in our mailing lists, forums, and future articles.




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