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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

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Tasks Management System (TMS)

(Wed, 11 December 2002)

For sure, you certainly know that our 'Christmas Pack 2002' will be released very soon! It will contain Korigan 1.0.2, Twentee 1.0.1 (the first game based on the NO-SOD Technology) and also TMS 1.0.1, a Tasks Management System.

This small module will allow you to save your Todo list to try to forget nothing ever.

It contains only the bases of a tasks management application and consists of none of the advanced functions for which we can expect from an application of this type. The first purpose of TMS is to supply a simplified approach of the NO-SOD Framework and by it's basic functions to allow you to begin to develop your own applications (and why not propose them to our team).

  TMS consists of a little number of screens, but these screens will allow you to understand the basic features of the Framework. You can discover, with the live on-line help, that the code has to set up in your SRC to be able to apply your actions (processes, accesses to the database, screens displaying, ...).

The TMS application is a tutorial to the NO-SOD development, but it will not stay there. I well intend to continue the application by implementing other tutorials and by this way improve the TMS application.

But to implement new tutorials, I need your help and your remarks as well as all the new items you would like to cover on next TMS versions.

I hope that TMS will help you. For my part, it was the first 'application' that I developed based on Tod10 and it was the first tutorial that I realized.

I'm waiting for your comments!

Don't forget that your support is vital for us! ... We need YOUR participation to keep this project alive.




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