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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

Microsoft Office Documents versioning : Office 2003 solutions available at The ODA software keeps track of your document versions automatically, for only 99 euros - No server installation required !

One year on the Web

(Wed, 9 July 2003)

The NO-SOD Technology is available for all through our websites since more than one year and it's time from now to make a small review.

After a tedious start, the statistics are quite positive : more than 50.000 visitors for 6.000 downloads of our Korigan package. Discussion forums are also successfully started with more than 400 related topics.

Your continuous presence in our discussion forums drive us to try to always give you more and more. Your remarks about the quality and the business aspect of our products demonstrate that our eDMS is currently used on multiple production sites..!

  The next version of our Korigan package is still under development. As we strongly insist about quality on the products we deliver, many efforts must be made to be able to answer to an increasing request.

Our eDMS evolves regarding the needs of interested companies. You can send us your remarks and suggestions. Those suggestions will be analyzed by our team with many interest and probably applied in one of our next documents management system release.

The NO-SOD Project is growing every day. Our objective is to allow customers and companies to find the right business partner who will deliver the product that they need to manage their documents efficiently. With NO-SOD you have !




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