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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

Microsoft Office Documents versioning : Office 2003 solutions available at The ODA software keeps track of your document versions automatically, for only 99 euros - No server installation required !

eDMS 1.0.3c available!

(Thu, 22 January 2004)

Yes it's time to release the new electronic Documents Management System version - Tested and approved by multiple production sites !

It took a long time to release this version... Strong efforts have been made to deliver a reliable and rock stable application. The team is growing and the project is evolving now into a maturation phase.

While we are writing this article, the next framework generation is being designed according to the latest technology changes that appeared since TOD10 birth.

We were highly and positively surprised by the interests shown into the current version throughout eDMS downloads and support...Well, I can tell you something about the future version: current release was really peanuts comparing to the state of the art system we 'll provide you, as open source community contributors.

  I feel you want to know more already about this, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our web site to follow the news. Mailing lists are as well available for those people wanting to be warned about latest events.

We commit to improve the project by all means available. In that concept, we want to tell you that donations are welcome and fully available through Paypal. We setup a 5% charity to Sourceforge providing us the hardware and software infrastructure for almost all our needs.

Enjoy the new version and thanks to support us with your donations !




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