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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

Microsoft Office Documents versioning : Office 2003 solutions available at The ODA software keeps track of your document versions automatically, for only 99 euros - No server installation required !

eDMS 1.0.4 available! (Sun, 30 May 2004)

Yes it's time for internationalization with electronic Documents Management System - version 1.0.4 !

We passed the big step of converting the eDMS into a translatable version, compliant with I18N. Lot of users wanting to contribute the project were a bit slowed down due to the weakness point of working with HTML template files. The reason was that translating HTML files means that if a change is performed in the GUI, then all the translated files need to be reviewed as well (for each language).

Right now this point is solved. Every messages, pictures (for GUI buttons) and even the audit trail data are generated dynamically from a standard dictionary pot file. The pictures are rendered on-line by the GD extension of PHP.

Another related question was how to handle the documents, such the user manuals that were also based on HTML templates.

  The documentation files have been completed translated into XML format, following the docbook standard. This means that right now, all the documents are available in html, pdf , and windows help files. You can also consult them life from our documentation link on this web site.

We are now looking for translators ! Interested people: please send us a mail to Also, plese remind that donations are welcome and fully available through Paypal. We setup a 5% charity to Sourceforge providing us the hardware and software infrastructure for almost all our needs.

Enjoy the new version and thanks to support us with your donations, or contribute with translation !

The NO-SOD Team  



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