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   Welcome to the NO Screen Of Death Project Web Site
Last updated: Thu, 22 April 2005

Microsoft Office Documents versioning : Office 2003 solutions available at The ODA software keeps track of your document versions automatically, for only 99 euros - No server installation required !

eDMS V2.0 Release anouncement (Sat, 16 Apr 2005)

On next Next week (between Monday 18 and 22) of April will be released the brand new version of eDMS.

What's new in this release ?

The complete framework has been rewritten from scratch. The focus has been set on the Document Management functionalities itself, with the possibility to re-use it for other standard development. This means the eDMS and the framework are becoming a single product, and the concept of module has been dropped. Hereafter a summary of the changes you'll discover:

  • PHP5 Compatibility
  • Use of ADODB as abstraction layer, so that most of RDBMS can be used with eDMS
  • No error notice anymore: the development has been qualified in order to ensure that even minor error message such Warnings and Notices are resolved.
  • Easy tree navigation and subfolders management
  • Any browser compatibility
  • Fully configurable documents workflows
  • Customizable security levels : you can configure your requirements in term of electronic signature and security policy
  • Translation in any language can be performed by mean of a standard POT file
  • Training control functions on documents associated to the employees training records
  • Consultable Audit trail
  • And much more...
  • This new version has been built based on a merge of user requirements we received from multiple companies. Our main sponsor ROOTFUSION SPRL provided us the required resources in order to achieve the objective. Support contract licenses will be available for purchase at the release date from Today only this company can grant you a professional license support contract and customization services on eDMS, because they maintain the project and will keep you on the correct path for the future product releases. Remind also that donations are welcome and will help to boost up the development.

    Stay tuned on this web site, and feel free to send us your questions. Have soon good downloads and implementation time.

    The NO-SOD Team  



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