Chapter 5. The integrated search engine

Table of Contents

Global mode
File Cabinet mode

eDMS is delivered with an integrated powerful search engine. It lets you search documents into all the system locations or into a specific file cabinet by using keywords. Keywords are part of any document pushed into a system. Even if this is a non required information, we encourage you to use keywords every time you push a new document into the system. By this way, you'll be able to retrieve easily your document by just one mouse click. Please check the new document related help section for more information about how to add keywords into a new document.

Rem: From this version you can only search documents through keywords. Please check the next releases section for future implementations.

Global mode

To search documents through all the system locations, you have to switch first into a global mode. This means that you cannot search through all the system locations if you are currenctly displying the content af a specific file cabinet. To switch to global mode, you just have to click on the RESET button on top of the tree. It will display all the document into the main area. Now that you have switch to this mode, enter one or more keyword(s) into the search field (just above the tree) and click on the FILTER button. The integrated search engine will then list you all the docmuents (with their location) pushed into the system containing the keyword(s) you just have entered.