File Cabinet mode

To search documents into a specific file cabinet, you have to select first the file cabinet from the tree. Then enter one or more keyword(s) into the search field (just above the tree) and click on the FILTER button. The integrated search engine will then list you all the docmuents pushed into this file cabinet containing the keyword(s) you just have entered.

When you apply filters by clicking on the FILTER button, this button switch from green to red. This indicates that the filter mode is active. To deactivate this mode, just click again on the FILTER button (without modifying the keywords) and it will automatically switch back from red to green. To apply new filters (even if the FILTER button is already red), just add new keyword(s) and then click on the FILTER button again.

To verify if you are currently in global mode or in file cabinet mode, you can just check the title of the result table displayed in the data aera: if it indicates 'the complete public directory' then you are in global mode, if it displays a file cabinet's name, then you are in file cabinet mode.

Rem: Only one directory is available for global search from this version. Please check the next releases section for future implementations.