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      Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers the list of most frequently asked questions (with their answers) regarding the NO-SOD Framework as well as all developed modules.

If you would like to suggest remarks or corrections concerning following information, please send an e-mail to

Q: I have problems during Framework and modules installation coming from your Korigan package. Can you help me?

A: First, check that you have all the minimum required before installing the latest Korigan version. Our forums are open 7/7 24/24. Don't hesitate to post your questions.

Q: Do you have an official eDMS worldwide support?

A: All the NO-SOD Team is creating a new structure (from our website) which will allow interested users to receive an official and full support on our eDMS. This worldwide support will be delivered by your preferred software suppliers.

Q: I'm really impressed by the performances of your Framework and I would like to finally start pending projects by using your Technology. What can I do?

A: Our website will give you the opportunity to get all answers you intend regarding official services that you can receive in your contry from all certified suppliers near your company.

Q: How can I upgrade the eDMS (from Korigan 1.0.1 to Korigan 1.0.2) on my production system?

A: Just send us a mail ( and we'll send you back the procedure. Don't ask yourself why we didn't attached the upgrade directly in the new Korigan package: we want to count how many production release are existing today, so it's an easy way for us to know how much people require the upgrade, instead of the 'install from scratch' version. The current release 1.0.3 includes an upgrade procedure from 1.0.2.


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