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   - 2002 -

  • 27 December 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Here we are! It's finally available... Our 'Christmas Pack 2002' is freely available with a few days delay only. Merry Christmas to everybody!

  • 14 December 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Since today, the NO-SOD.ORG website is completely available in french.

  • 11 December 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    The NO-SOD 'Christmas Pack 2002' is announced for Friday 27th December. Don't miss it...!

  • 25 November 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    The NO-SOD 'Christmas Pack 2002' is announced! It will contain the last release of our eDMS module (v 1.0.2) and the new Twentee game...!

  • 16 November 2002 +

    On 2002-11-17 (Sunday), project CVS services, project shell services, project web services (including all VHOSTs), and project database services will be offline for a period of up to twelve hours, starting at 10:00 Pacific (GMT-8).

  • 7 November 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Have problem with a specific NO-SOD product? Forums are open 24/24h with a lot of discussions containing questions and answers.

  • 14 October 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Wants to know if your preferred browser is supported by the NO-SOD Technology? Check our new compatibility lists now...!

  • 3 October 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Forums are now open! Thanks to John & Suzy for their first submissions. We encourage you to visit our forums and start discussions with other Korigan users...

  • 18 September 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    As we have received some questions about the best way to start to work with our Efficient Documents Management System, a new GET STARTED file (EZEget_started.html) is now available from our main download page.

  • 23 August 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Tod10 2.0.1is released! It was announced for 20th of August but our new Korigan package (Tod10 2.0.1, ECP 1.0.1 and EZE 1.0.1) is available for download from 23th of August. Take it, try it and enjoy...!

  • 29 May 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    Hundreds of tests are running right now to be able to deliver Tod10 in time. Some NO-SOD modules are now totally converted to the new Framework: results is AMAZING!

  • 23 May 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    The NO-SOD.NET website has been updated to be able to manage the future Framework version (which will be released in the middle of June 2002).

  • 18 May 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    The Beta version of Tod10 is released. A lot of tests are running from now to deliver the final version following the internal planning.

  • 10 May 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    First internal training (given by Stef) about the Alpha version of Tod10, our new Objects Oriented Framework!

  • 3 February 2002 + Tournai (Belgium)

    NO-SOD is hosted by It supports PHP/MySQL, providing us (soon) a demonstration platform.

  • 26 January 2002 + NO-SOD H.Q.

    NO-SOD Framework full review meeting: the new release (2.0.1) will be called Tod10.


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