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We are looking for additional Sponsors !

We are always looking for additional corporate sponsors! Websites maintenance, NO-SOD Framework tests on multiple platforms, forums support and focus on new technologies take a lot of time and is expensive.

So, if your company, or a company you are willing to solicit, want to participate as a sponsor, please let us know. You are just in time. You can do this simply by sending an e-mail to with questions or if you know a potential corporate sponsor. You will get all the required information.

As a NO-SOD corporate sponsor, we'll put your company's logo on our websites by adding your banner link in the inline frame which appears throughout the site.

We would like to thank you for your interest in sponsoring this Project. The NO-SOD core team is dedicated to maintaining, expanding, and improving this site and all related products. We genuinely wish our visitors and sponsors alike to benefit from it. We hope, in turn, that will lead to continuing improvement in the development of our Framework.

The NO-SOD team

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