Login in to ECP module (hit the url http://your_nosod_server/EZE/fly.php)

Create your profiles and groups (do not forget System/Public groups associations):

From ECP's user management interface, select option to manage groups of EZE module (EZE is the NO-SOD code for the edms module).

You must be aware the eDMS module is delivered with three system groups:

In order to attach people into the delivered system groups, you will have to create PUBLIC groups. It's not possible to associate directly a user profile to a system group, you must create public groups (in which you put selected usernames), and you attach the created public group to the system group.

user -> public group -> system group

When you enter in the 'Manage groups of module' section of ECP, use the first fields of the user interface to create three public groups in to you will associate the existing system groups. Keep the drop down 'Public Groups' on the 'NEW' option selected, and provide the public group name and description you want to create. If you have no idea of the names (generally, department names are used, representing the community of users it target to contain) provide the same group names than the system groups (EZE, DOCEZE and ADMEZE).

When the three public groups are created, associate the system groups as follow (for each system group you created):


Remember: do the associations (with system groups and users) for EACH public group you created. Non associated public groups will be available only for documents autorities.

Provide now your signature data as system administrator (your password, and reasons). Click on SAVE button to record permanently performed actions and data into the system.


You will need to create ADDITIONAL public groups, before going further with the edms. By sample, each stored document of special rights the document owner must affect during document creation. These right are RWXD, standing for Read, Write, eXecute and Delete. Each right is represented by a public group. The documents validation flow requires also public groups, such at least a group for the edition, one for the control and another one for the validation.

So here comes a list of public groups we suggest to create as minimal for test environment:

  • Edition
  • Control
  • Validation

Associate your selected usernames to these public groups, and DO NOT attach these public groups to SYSTEM GROUPS.

If you want to provide login access to ECP, Twentee or TMS module:

Select for each module the module name from the module dropdown. Create a public group into which you add users. Associate the public group with the module system group.


Summary of the minimal actions required in the ECP module

  • Create public groups EZE, DOCEZE and ADMEZE. Attach SYSTEM groups to the corresponding public groups, and link corresponding usernames to the public groups you created.
  • Create public groups Edition, Control and Validation. Link corresponding usernames to the public groups you created.
  • Save your work.