Chapter 2. User interface

Table of Contents

The browser window
The title bar
The window buttons
The message bar
The eDMS interface
The top area
The message area
The search area
The tree area
The menu area
The data area

To help you to efficiently manage your documents, eDMS has been built to give you a 'user friendly' full graphical web interface where options and functionnalities are logically and dynamicly placed on the screen.

The browser window

As browser based application, the eDMS interface contains most of the ingredients you can find on any other browser window (like when you surf on the Internet). Some of them have been removed for security reason. That's why you'll only see from the main eDMS window the title bar, the top right window buttons and the message window (at the bottom).

The title bar

The tile bar is only used to display some interesting information regarding an eDMS session:

  • The application name: eDMS.
  • The current session number: as eDMS is a multi-session web application, it may be intersting to know which session you are currently running on (e.g. your administrator can ask you which session you are running on to try to help you by tracking what's going wrong).
  • The username: this information lets you exactly know who is currently logged into the system on a specific screen (as you could have more than one username to log into the system).
  • The user profile: please check the user profiles section for more information about eDMS user profiles.
  • The browser name: (not with all browsers) displays the name of the browser you are currently using.

Rem: even if eDMS is comptabile with most of the common browsers available on the market, this application has been tested for Internet Explorer (version 5.x and later)

The window buttons

Two of the three window buttons are accessible from eDMS:

  • Minimize: Click on the first (left) window button to minimize the eDMS window. Click on the minimized window icon again (generaly at the bottom of the screen, near the start menu) to re-dislay the eDMS main window in full screen mode.
  • Close: As this button is generaly provided to close a window, we suggest you to NOT use this button but instead to use the EXIT icon (from the top area) to properly close the window AND close your open session.

The message bar

The window message bar (at the bottom of the window) is used to give 'general' information to the user. Depending on the screen you are currently viewing, contextual help may be displayed into this message bar.

Rem: Please note that 'system' messages are displayed into the message area (before or after specific user actions).