Step 2: document's content (upload of the physical file)

This screen displays the document's data given in the previous screen. If one or more information is wrong, you can just click on the CANCEL button and the system will go back to the previous screen and automatically retrieve all document's data you have entered. Then you can apply required modification(s) and click on the NEXT button again.

When data are correctly given for this new document, you have to complete the electronic signature by giving your username, password and the reason for which you want to add this new document into the system. Then click on the browse button (in the UPLOAD FILE field). It will browse your hard disk (or a hard disk of a computer on your internal network) to allow you to select the file (document) you want to push into the eDMS system. When it's done, the path is displayed in the UPLOAD FILE field and you can now click on the SAVE button to effectively push the file into the system.