eDMS 1.0.4 User Manual

Philippe Bresoux

The NO-SOD Project

Stephane Van de Putte

The NO-SOD Project


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
What's a Documents Management System?
Who's this manual for?
What do you need?
How to use this manual?
What's new in this version?
Getting started the quick way
2. User interface
The browser window
The title bar
The window buttons
The message bar
The eDMS interface
The top area
The message area
The search area
The tree area
The menu area
The data area
3. Document flow
4. Display documents list
Two different views
The table (list of documents) content
The paging
View a document
Document's details
5. The integrated search engine
Global mode
File Cabinet mode
6. Add a new document into the system
Step 1: document's information
Step 2: document's content (upload of the physical file)
7. Advanced functionnalities
User functionnalities
Electronic Signature
Control and Validation
System background functionnalities
Version robot
E-mails notifications
8. Prints
How to print a manual?
9. eDMS Maintenance
Locations management
Drop down lists management
10. Well known bugs
11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
12. Next releases
13. Appendices
Appendix 1: Menu button's availability
Appendix 2: User profiles
Appendix 3: List of documents status
Appendix 4: How to contact the NO-SOD Team?

List of Tables

3.1. eDMS options availability and document flow
4.1. List of possible actions on a document
13.1. Appendix 1: Menu button's availability
13.2. Appendix 3: List of documents status
13.3. Document flow rules