Type: available variables

Location: nosod.lib / fly.php /

Table 3.1. Variables list

$certSession certificate
$mySess->unameUser name
$actSource code to execute (action)
$nsddspzOutput html template (name of the display)
$mySessThe session object
$mysysDBThe system database object
$mytrailDBThe audit trail database object
$loadThe loading mode for execution (dev: 2, database:1, file is load zero)
$ipRemote client browser's ip address
$faultBoolean value set at true when error occurred
$errorThe error message defined when $fault is true
$posDefined at zero where requested action requires to be logged in
$cur_actThe current action ($act) processed
$xmldataGlobal variable used for XML parsing
$mySess->idSession number
$mySess->uidThe user id of the user logged in
$mySess->fullnameThe complete user name of the user logged in
$mySess->modnameThe current module initials
$mySess->modversionThe current module version
$mySess->modsrcverThe current source code version of the current module
$mySess->modguiverThe current GUI version of the current module
$mySess->nsdverThe current Framework version
$mySess->ipRemote client browser's ip address
$mySess->startSession start time stamp
$mySess->liblistArray of libraries currently used
$mySess->objlistArray of objects having class definition in libraries
$mySess->cnameThe remote browser's computer name
$mySess->parametersArray containing each parameter of the current module
$mySess->userloggedinBoolean value set to true when the user is logged in
$mySess->profileUser profile of current user
$mySess->messageMessage to transmit to the user through the GUI